User Experience Design (UX)

User Experience Design (UX) Services

Ease of use can actually make or break any digital experience. While an engaging user interface and web design can actually go some way towards getting the users to where they prefer without any indecision or angst, coming up with the UX design, which talks to as many people as possible irrespective of the platform, device or the time of the day- needs one important ingredient, which is simplicity.


UX design process that we follow:

The key to successful user experience design with Host To Net are:

  • Wireframing: This is the initial expression of personas and digital strategies produced. In fact, these are the skeletons of every system page that offers functional arrangement instead of graphic design treatment.
  • Personas: The digital strategy of our company is analyzed to create personas required for system use. These also articulate pathways of use through the new site. This assists in considering the best experience.
  • User testing: Both during the wire framing stage and the final visual design phase, the users mainly interact with designs created in an agile procedure to validate the designs as well to make sure persona assumptions are correct. Output from the phase of experience design is a set of well documented and clear page designs, user test results and visual designs. This thing then feed into full site development.

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Things we do at Host To Net:

Here we analyze the existing data, incorporate the strategy that the clients aim for while engaging with the internal stakeholders of our client companies. Therefore, by engaging with the external stakeholders of the client companies, we can overlay true insight. This insight is therefore built into wire frames and prototyping and this thing leads to increased usability, increased engagement and increased conversion.

Being one of the leading digital agency, we mainly fuse our digital expertise with the extensive research into the user experience. This is one such field, which encompasses all of the key touch points and interactions of the clients with any brand, its services and its products.

We work with our clients closely while sketching, researching, testing and iterating solutions to make it sure that these are usable, simple and delightful.

How to design the right UX strategy?

We know that designing the best user experience, takes:

Host To Net provides all.