Refund Policy

Possible Reasons for Cancellation Refund Amount Explanation for Refund Amount
“I Want to cancel my order”
Within 24 Hours of the order placement and payment/advance payment Upto 50% of the order value Technical team gets allocated the same day from the date of confirmation and as such the deduction of 50% amount is done. Further, this refund is subject to a genuine reason for cancellation of the order. In case of no reason provided, no refunds will be affected.For urgent orders(Less than 2 weeks of completion time), no refund is possible after placing the order.
After 24 hours from the date of confirmation No Refunds No refunds are possible at this stage for both normal and urgent orders
“I did not like the design” No Refund We strive to understand your concept the the website and request you to clearly specify details which you want to project in the website. Also, you can let us know the designs which you prefer. As a part of our service, we revise the design once and do all minor adjustments once based on comprehensive feedback within the limitations of the package you booked for. No refund is possible under the condition that you did not like the design.
“Work Delay” No Refund As the work is done in co ordination with the client and client’s timely response is very critical in completing the project in time. No refunds are possible for work delays.
“Work Rejection” No Refund We are willing to rework till you are satisfied with the work within the limitations of the package you booked for. However since this work is subjective and what looks Ok to one person may not look OK to other, no refunds are possible.
” Technical Glitches” No Refund Errors in domain, hosting is outside our area of influence and hence no refund is possible under these circumstances.

Note – In case of any dispute, area of jurisdiction will be Kolkata.